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China R&D Center
ZWZ Group National Large Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center, Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center, ZWZ Group Testing and Experiment Center, "National Large Bearing Engineering Technology Research Center" was established in 2009 with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was established in 2013.It was formally named after the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology in November 2011. It is the only large-scale bearing engineering center in China's bearing industry that has been approved by the state.
The engineering technology center takes the leading technology of the bearing industry and the development and application of key technologies as the core, and takes the design and development, theoretical research, material research, and testing of large-scale precision heavy-duty high-speed bearings as the main research direction to improve product accuracy and performance.
German R&D Center
ZWZ German R&D Center located in Schweinfurt Industrial Zone, Germany, implements the strategic idea of "high-end and internationalization", optimizes overseas market layout, builds European service network, efficiently integrates international resources, and deepens the strategic policy of global cooperation. Provide new impetus for ZWZ Group to further update its business philosophy, enhance innovation capabilities and high-quality development.
The European R&D center focuses on product design and technical services, as well as marketing. Recruit technical experts in automotive bearings, industrial bearings, railway bearings, wind power bearings, etc., complement the advantages of domestic engineering technology centers, and build a complete research and development system. Focus on the forward-looking and applicability of the product, and quickly improve the bushing the research and development level and the construction of the research and development platform lay a solid foundation to ensure that the ZWZ Group becomes a global bearing company with international competitiveness.
American R&D Center
United States·Detroit
ZWZ American R&D Center was established in March 2015 and is located in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Mainly serving the American automotive bearing market, providing market customers with product development and design, testing and testing services. The center is the first overseas inspection and test center of ZWZ. It is a center for testing and testing automotive bearings in accordance with international standards. It is also the most advanced automotive bearing testing and testing center in the world.
The center has complete bearing life testing machines, bearing testing and measurement equipment, and has functions such as product design, simulation calculation, life testing, failure analysis, and customer engineering services. It provides localized technical services for North American customers in the first time. It is an important technical support force for ZWZ Group to develop North American automotive bearing projects and business, and it is also the main base for ZWZ Group to gradually develop into the global automotive bearing industry and the management hub for expanding overseas markets.
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