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ZWZ realizes the technological breakthrough of rolling bearing from static simulation to dynamic simulation

After in-depth research on bearing dynamic simulation technology, the Engineering Center of ZWZ has made a series of research achievements in bearing multi-body dynamics, dynamic mechanical characteristics, fatigue life simulation and other aspects, achieving a breakthrough in ZWZ simulation technology from static to dynamic quality.

As the mechanical system has higher and higher requirements on the performance of rolling bearings, dynamic analysis methods have become the key core technology of bearing research. However, the domestic simulation research on the performance of rolling bearings started relatively late. To improve the level of bearing design, research and development, it is necessary to strengthen the research on bearing dynamics. At present, the engineering center establishes a bearing dynamic model through the application of domestic and foreign advanced software combined with independent research and development software, and performs detailed calculations on the mutual forces and motion trajectories of the internal components of the rolling bearing, including rolling elements, cages and rings, and calculates the strength of the bearing. This technology can perform simulation calculation analysis for all types of bearings currently produced by ZWZ. The analysis content includes bearing contact mechanics, dynamics, modal analysis and harmonic response analysis, and has formed a series of calculation and analysis operating procedures.

At present, the research results of the bearing basic theory and simulation technology have been widely used in ZWZ, which provide a complete research and development system from theoretical analysis to computer-controlled simulation simulation test, and have a significant impact on bearing product design, test analysis and fault diagnosis. The impact has further improved the industry and customers' recognition of the level of bearing simulation technology of ZWZ.

(Jiatian Ju)

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