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ZWZ high-end products appeared at the 2020 China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition

From December 9th to 12th, at 2020 China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition, ZWZ focused on the theme of "Rotary Drive Dreams and Focus on ZWZ Solutions", and more than 100 products from five major sectors have be exhibited at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) , and opened a new chapter of exchanges and cooperation between ZWZ and customers in various fields around the world. Jun Liu, Chairman of ZWZ, attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. During the exhibition, Ruixiang Wang, the Chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation, and the management of China Bearing Industry Association came to the booth, hoping that ZWZ can take on the important task of the development of China's bearing industry. The management of ZWZ participated in the exhibition and communicated with customers respectively.

In the ZWZ exhibition area, the representative high-precision, high-speed, high-reliability bearing exhibits in many industries such as wind power, new energy, automobiles, rail transit, and industrial equipment make this enterprise with a long history of more than 80 years full of innovation and creation vitality.

Gathering here, the 300-square-meter booth attracts new and old customers at home and abroad one after another. Through deepening exchanges and cooperation, they will seek a joint high-quality development path.   

Opportunity brings development. "The exhibition provides opportunities for many of our companies." "We look forward to harvesting more large orders, and go hand in hand with ZWZ." "I believe that new market opportunities will surely condense more strength for the development of our two companies."

Cooperation leads to win-win results. "With the help of the bearing exhibition platform, we reached a consensus on a new round of cooperation with ZWZ." "We have been a strategic partner with ZWZ for many years. Not long ago, we had just communicated and matched the share of a certain specification fan product in the new year. At this exhibition, we have reached a plan to accelerate the landing of this new specification product." "It is our common goal to increase cooperation in more fields and at a deeper level."

During the four-day exhibition, there was an endless stream of customers who visited and negotiated at the ZWZ booth, and reached more than 10 new project cooperation intentions, with an additional cooperation share of more than 100 million yuan.

(Yuan Qu)

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