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At the 7th China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition in 2021 ZWZ's high-reliability and high-precision mining machinery bearings made a wonderful appearance

From May 27th to 29th, the 2021 7th China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition has be held at the China International Exhibition Center (new hall). The high-reliability and high-precision mining machinery series bearings of ZWZ made a splendid appearance and were very popular, attracting many customers to come for consultation, communication and negotiation.  

The 105-square-meter ZWZ booth is located in the core area of the exhibition hall. The theme of "Dream of Rotation Drive" is clear and the vision is high, and the corporate image propaganda film scrolling on the big screen is particularly eye-catching. This is a promise to the people and partners of the company, and the goal of untiringly struggle for ZWZ builders.

In the booth, exhibits such as vertical mill bearings, crusher bearings, vibrating screen bearings, vertical mill rocker bearings and mining dump truck bearings, and detailed introduction of technical parameters and application areas, attracted merchants to come and watch. A series of numbers vividly show the development story of ZWZ Mining Machinery Bearing.

During the exhibition, the management of ZWZ and related business divisions and units visited related companies, pointedly communicated with the well-known domestic and international companies participating in the meeting, and reached a consensus on deepening exchanges and cooperation with new and old customers. During the 3-day exhibition, there was a constant flow of people at ZWZ booth, which can be described as a lot of bright spots.

The old customers of ZWZ have come, and the strategic partners of the Company have come... The business negotiations at the booth were full of gains. "It has been a pleasure to cooperate with ZWZ for many years, and we hope to continue deepening the cooperation."

"Zero-distance communication and the intuitive display make a in-depth understanding of bearing products."   

"This is the biggest gain of this exhibition to visit, communicate and reach a cooperation intention."

(Yuan Qu)

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