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The industrial transmission products of ZWZ made a wonderful appearance at the 2019 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition

From October 23rd to 26th, in the Shanghai New International Expo Center, as the first international professional exhibition in Asia and the second in the world in the power transmission industry, the 2019 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition was held here. The management of ZWZ Jun Liu, Yang Zhao and Changxin Yu attended the exhibition, and conducted business negotiations with key customers to further deepen cooperation.

The 96-square-meter ZWZ booth is located in the center of Hall E6. Both the construction of the theme booth "becoming an internationally competitive global bearing company" and the display of the key transmission series of high-end products "made in China", fully showed the innovative ability the comprehensive strength of ZWZ. The 31 displayed high-end, high-precision, low-noise products used in industrial metallurgy, mining, rolling mills, new energy and other industries are on display. Speed increasers, drives, gearboxes, transmissions, pumps and motors have core competitiveness. The wonderful appearance of the products attracted host customers such as gearboxes, drives from all over the world, and upstream and downstream industry chain customers and suppliers to come to exchange and conduct business negotiations. Before the exhibits of machine tool bearings and speed-increasing machine bearings, the technical staff introduced the product background, performance characteristics and related technical services to the customers who inquired one by one. Before the high-speed wire cone box and aluminum foil rolling mill products, customers know more about the products’ technical advantages and supporting solutions.

In the booth, the on-site technology release attracted a batch of customers to listen, inquire, exchange, discuss, and share experience. Focusing on "High Reliability Gearbox Bearing R&D", "P2 Class Bearing R&D and Manufacturing", "Long Life High Load Bearing Precision Transmission Bearing Design and Manufacturing Technology", and "High Speed and Low Noise Bearing R&D", special technology releases with different contents and different characteristics have been made to attract many "fans". After each release, customers from different industries will always gather at the booth to conduct technical discussions and exchanges, and conduct cooperation negotiations on product applications and services.

The management and customer representatives from companies such as Baosteel Group, Shanghai Zhenhua, NGC, Tiandi Technology and Shanghai Coal Science and Technology Co., Ltd. came to the booth to communicate and negotiate with the management of ZWZ. 

"We are an enterprise specializing in the production of gearboxes. The matching bearings produced by ZWZ are very targeted and reliable. Especially through the explanations of technical personnel, we are very confident in the cooperation between the two parties!"

(Yuan Qu)

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