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ZWZ made a wonderful appearance at 2021 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition

On October 26-29, 2021 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. ZWZ brought more than 30 high-precision products such as wind power gearbox bearings, high-reliability heavy machinery bearings, high-speed rail transit bearings, subway motor bearings, machine tool spindle bearings and precision screw support bearings to make a wonderful appearance at the exhibition.

At the exhibition, ZWZ displayed the key transmission series products developed by ZWZ with the theme of "Rotary Drive Dreams and Focus on the Solutions of ZWZ", highlighting the brand image of ZWZ and the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, benchmarking with domestic and foreign advanced companies  with an international vision , learning and drawing lessons from international advanced manufacturing technology and product application technology, as well as advanced experience in bearing lubrication, sealing and testing.

In Booth A3 of Hall E6, the 128-square-meter ZWZ booth was particularly eye-catching with dark blue as the main tone, and the smooth and flexible overall design style was full of characteristics. The ZWZ booth was beautifully and orderly displayed with independent knowledge. The series of products with strong property rights and market competitiveness made visitors stop and linger. The large LED screen of the booth was scrolling the enterprise video, which further deepened visitors' understanding of the enterprise.

During the exhibition, ZWZ management Jun Liu, Kunpeng Wang and Yong Li respectively received and visited domestic and foreign strategic partners, visited the booth display products and conducted extensive and in-depth business negotiations and future cooperation, and gave full play to their respective advantages to achieve win-win.

In front of the booth, relevant persons in charge of the Transmission Machinery Bearing Division and Precision Machinery Bearing Division of ZWZ introduced business and technology to customers. Engineers of ZWZ Engineering Center conducted technical exchanges on special products and personalized products with domestic and foreign merchants to lay a good foundation for further cooperation in the future.

During the exhibition, an endless stream of customers and visitors came to the "popular" booth of ZWZ to inquire about products, ask for various promotional materials, and conduct business exchanges and negotiations.

"I am a ‘bearing fan’ and I’ve heard of ZWZ for a long time. At this exhibition, I can finally see ZWZ products with my own eyes."

"We have come here in particular, and the technical staff of ZWZ are very professional. They introduced the products' performance and characteristics in great detail, so that we can plan and focus on the future purchase of products."

"We and ZWZ are partners. The new products that ZWZ brought to the exhibition this time have allowed us to witness the strength and sincerity of ZWZ. We believe that the cooperation with ZWZ will go further and further, and get better and better."

This exhibition set up a live webcast room. During the live broadcast, Yong Li, on behalf of ZWZ, introduced the enterprise’s business development, leading products and R&D direction to thousands of online audiences who focused on ZWZ, and shared the story of ZWZ with thousands of net friends.

ZWZ was on the same stage with thousands of companies, realizing the integration of large industrial platforms, assuming the mission of the industry, and adding more impetus to the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

(Weixin Yang)

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